How do I prevent drainage issues on my property?

There are several things you can do to prevent drainage issues on your property.

  • Prevent litter and debris from entering easements and roadside ditches, and culverts
  • Avoid raking, blowing, or dumping leaves or grass clipping in the roadside ditches and culverts
  • Keep roadside ditches and culverts easily accessible during property repairs
  • Do not obstruct roadside ditches and culverts or pathways with privacy fencing
  • Move structures and sheds away from roadside ditches and culverts and easements
  • Note any erosion and remove foreign objects from around any stormwater ponds monthly. Have a professional engineer inspect your stormwater pond every one to two years
  • Consider converting turf grass around your pond to a native plant buffer zone. Work with a landscape contractor to incorporate native plants to stabilize shorelines
  • Do not apply fertilizers and pesticides around your stormwater pond

If you choose to hire a professional to perform maintenance and/or repairs on your culvert, it is your responsibility to ensure that they obtain the proper permits/permissions for the work and follow all required procedures.  

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1. How do I prevent drainage issues on my property?
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