Street Development Projects

The City of Gunter is Making Progress on Our Streets

The City of Gunter is carrying out the five-year street plan approved by City Council. Here are updates as of August 2023. 

Keep in mind that roadways in and around Gunter are managed by three entities: TxDOT, the City of Gunter, and Grayson County. 

  • TxDOT is responsible for roadway repairs on 121 and Preston Road
  • Grayson County takes care of roads in the ETJ
  • The City of Gunter is responsible for road repairs within Gunter city limits

The city recently issued an RFQ for a street inventory analysis so we can prioritize future roadway repairs. We anticipate this being presented to Council in September.

Phase 4 Began in August 2023

  • We hired a third-party roadway repair company to address pothole issues beginning July 5. Because of TxDOT roadway repairs, these repairs were delayed until August and continued through August 11. The Woods subdivision is the last phase of this operation. 
  • The Preston Glen roadway repair bid has been awarded and the project will begin soon. 
  • City staff will schedule a public meeting for all residents residing on Preston Glen before the project start date to address questions and concerns.

Phase 3 Initiated in December 2022

  • Reconstruct cul-de-sacs on Doris Lane, Haworth Lane, and Preston Glen with concrete pavement
  • Replace approximately 215 linear feet on Tiger Lane east of Preston with concrete pavement 
  • Repair multiple cracked concrete pavement panels within The Bridges 

Phase 2 Completed in 2022

  • West Oak Street 
  • West Maple Street 
  • East College Street 

Phase 1 Completed in 2021

  • Elm Street from Hwy. 289 to 2nd Street 
  • 2nd Street from Elm Street to Hwy, 121
  • 3rd Street from Elm Street to Hwy. 121
  • 4th Street from Elm Street to Hwy. 121
  • 6th Street from Elm Street to Hwy. 121
  • City portion of Block Road
  • Walnut Street from Hwy. 289 to 6th Street