Strategic Focus Areas

Gunter's Four Strategic Focus Areas

The City of Gunter has adopted four strategic focus areas for the city to lead us into our future.

View Gunter's Strategic Plan

  • Organizational Development

    Create a servant leadership culture along with systems, structures, and processes aligned with the city's vision, mission, and values.
  • Downtown Gunter

    Return Downtown Gunter to its rightful place as the city's center of commerce and community activities, giving rise to a sense of place and belonging. View Gunter's Downtown Master Plan.
  • Community and Economic Development

    Develop quality neighborhoods, communities, and businesses that connect the present and the future.
  • Community Engagement

    Engage our community's greatest asset - its people. Work to keep our small-town connection and friendliness, maintain transparency in city affairs, encourage peaceful community conversations, and keep our citizens informed.