What Is the Street Improvement Program? 

The Street Improvement Program is an aggressive five-year program adopted by the Mayor and City Council to improve streets and roads throughout the City of Gunter.   

How Is the Street Improvement Program Funded? 

The City of Gunter has a Street Improvement Fund created with dedicated funding. Funding for the program is the one-half cent sales tax that the Citizens of Gunter approved in 2019. Additionally, franchise fees are now also dedicated to the fund. The city issued a bond for approximately $1.8 million for street improvements and will use proceeds from the one-half sales tax and franchise fees to repay the debt. 

Funding for streets has increased from $40,000 in 2020, to an average of $500,000 a year for the following five years, an 1,150% increase. This is a total of about $2,500,000, more than in the previous 75 years combined. 

roadway photo